Personal Reflections on Supervision as Instructional Leadership: From Whence It Came and To Where Shall It Go? - PDF

John Dewey’s Critique of Scientific Dogmatism in Education and Implications for Supervision - PDF

Shedding Light on the Phenomenon of Supervision Traveling Incognito: A Field’s Struggles for Visibility - PDF 

Clandestine schooling and education among Jews during the Holocaust - PDF

Alternative approaches to supervision: Cases from the field - PDF

Life is Not Beautiful - PDF

Multicultural Education - PDF

My Holocaust Journey - PDF

Pedagogical Correctness - PDF

Principals on TV and in Movies - PDF

Supervision for the Millennium - PDF

Supervision Travelling Incognito - PDF

Chronicling Perspectives about the State of Instructional Supervision by Eight Prominent Scholars of Supervision - PDF

Encouraging and Discouraging Factors in the Decision to Become an Israeli Leader in Religious Schools: Implications for Reforming Bureaucratic Mandates of the Ministry of Education - PDF

On vulnerability and transformative leadership: an imperative for leaders of supervision - PDF

Between Venus and Mars: Sources of gender differences in instructional leadership - PDF

Gender differences in instructional leadership: how male and female principals perform their instructional leadership role - PDF

Instructional Leadership Practices among Principals in Israeli and US Jewish Schools - PDF

Action research by practitioners: A case study of a high school’s attempt to create transformational change. - PDF

Team Based Simulations: Ethical dilemmas of teachers in Israeli and USA Jewish schools - PDF

Justice and caring: Power, politics, and ethics in strategic leadership.  International - PDF

The New York City school reform: Consequences for supervision of instruction


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Action research as instructional leadership: Suggestions for principals. - PDF

Good intentions, questionable results: Implications for the professional development of teachers. 


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Ten suggestions for teaching the Holocaust - PDF

Interretaionships among Curriculum, etc - PDF

Redefining Roles and Responsibilities of APs - PDF

Why Study and Teach about the Holocaust - PDF

The Snoopervisor - PDF

Universities and Globalization - PDF

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The Rise and Fall of School-Based Management - PDF

Appreciative Inquiry - PDF

Tai Chi, BaGua, Hsing-i - PDF

A Primer on Action Research - PDF

Where Did the Assistant Principalship Begin? Where Is It Headed? - PDF

A School/Curricular Intervention Martial Arts Program for At-Risk Students.  - PDF

Autocrats, Bureaucrats, and Bafoons: Images of Principals - PDF


Back to School - PDF

Chapter in Merriam Action Research - PDF

Constructivism and Differentiation - PDF

Decisions You Can Live With - PDF

What John Dewy Can Teach Us? - PDF

Holocaust and Jewish Ghettos - PDF

Improvement Vs. Evaluation - PDF

Alternative approaches to supervision: Cases from the field - PDF

Images of principals in film and television: From Mr. Wameke to Mr. Rivelle to Mr. Woodman. - NOTE in 2 PARTS

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Using developmental supervision to improve science and technology instruction in Israel. - PDF

Teaching educational research through general semantics. - PDF

Exploring supervision history: An invitation and agenda - PDF

Dilemmas of assistant principals in their supervisory role: Reflections of an assistant principal - PDF